C&W opens office in Düsseldorf, Savills expands in Stuttgart


Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) is opening a location in Düsseldorf, its sixth in Germany alongside offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Leipzig, at the end of this year. As TD reported last August, the Düsseldorf location will be managed and set up by four former JLL employees: Luisa Rotthaus (director) and Martin Höfler, as well as Marie Plaßmeier and Marvin Mirbach. C&W Germany’s managing director Yvo Postleb has announced the building of a full service office at Schadowstrasse 56 to supplement its office letting activity. Meanwhile, Savills is expanding office letting activities at its Stuttgart location, where previously there had been only one investment team. It will be led by Maren Quoos, who had developed Angermann’s office letting team in Stuttgart, as of December 1. Savills now has local teams for the office segment in all seven top German markets.

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