Darmstadt’s mayor wants 1,000 apartments on Aurelis site


Around 1,000 apartments are to be built on a 1.2 hectare site on Mainzer Straße in Darmstadt, directly north of the city’s main railway station. The city’s mayor, Jochen Partsch (Greens) says that he had persuaded the site’s owner Aurelis to allow the lease with an auto transport company to expire at the end of the year. That company is moving its logistics operations to a new location. The city has already had a development plan drawn up for the residential quarter. Urban development contracts with future investors will moreover stipulate that 25% of the new apartments shall be subsidized, and that 20% shall be designed for middle-income residents. To the south, the site borders that of the Starkenburg barracks, which will also be developed into a residential area in the future.

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