Deka: Institutional funds more active in 2018


Deka Immobilien sold significantly less property in 2018 than in the previous year, which had been marked by portfolio streamlining. As a result, the investment manager’s transaction volume declined from €5.9bn to €4.5bn. Acquisitions of €3.9bn nearly matched the level of the previous year (€4.2bn). In fact, the institutional funds business of Deka Bank’s real estate unit was significantly more active in 2018, its purchase volume totaling €1.74bn compared to €600mn in 2017. In terms of fundraising in the institutional business, the Frankfurt firm recorded €900mn, making up for the previous year’s slump (€300mn). The net sales performance of private funds, by contrast, dipped slightly from €1.9bn to €1.7bn. “In 2018, we remained true to our conservative management style and only accepted as much customer capital as we can sensibly invest,” says Deka’s Head of Real Estate Matthias Danne. He stays the conservative course on another topic as well: Unlike many competitors, Deka intends to stay away from development risks in its acquisitions, Danne told journalists yesterday in Frankfurt.

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