Deutsche-Hypo-Index still climbing – retail hits a low point


The Deutsche-Hypo index for February shows the second consecutive monthly rise. The plus of 1.6 % to 125.0 points is entirely due to the partial value for the rental climate, which rose by 3.2 %, while investment climate stagnated. Especially the office property market saw an improvement in sentiment (+3.1 % to 147.4 points); the residential property market also logged a healthy plus (+2.3 % to 152.5 points). By contrast, the trend in retail (-0.9 % to 65.4 points) and hotels (-1.2 % to 118.4 points) is clearly downward. The retail climate, incidentally, hit its lowest point since the end of the financial crisis. Logistics held steady at a robust 148.8 points. “Even though the German real estate climate is now logging its second plus in a row, I believe it is prudent to remain skeptical,” comments Deutsche-Hypo executive Sabine Barthauer.

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