New player enters micro-living market


BD Apartment, founded in 2016, is planning to become a major player in the German micro-living market with its “Stayery” brand, beginning with the April opening of 85 boutique apartments in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district, followed by 126 apartments near Bielefeld’s central rail station in the fall. Further locations are in Frankfurt and Cologne. 408 apartments are currently secured; the company’s goal is for over 1,300 apartments in A and B cities in the pipeline in the next three years. Hannibal DuMont Schütte, 29, from the DuMont publishing family, is managing director and founder of Stayery. Schütte is rolling out this concept together with Robert Grüschow, 32, managing director and founder of BD Apartment. The expansion will involve collaboration with various project developers, including the Bielefeld real estate developer Borchard Bau.

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