Empirica: affordable housing becoming a problem for many


Empirica has calculated the share of affordable apartments in the German residential markets. The city of Munich, with a share of 14.1%, has the lowest availability of affordable apartments, followed by Frankfurt (25.6%), and the districts of Munich (33.5%), Starnberg (34.2%) and Lindau (37.1%). Empirica defines “affordable” as an apartment for which a household spends no more than 30% of its income (excluding utilities). The situation is tightest for single parents, for whom, in over 10% of Germany’s cities, just 6% of rental apartments are affordable. Frankfurt’s situation is the worst: only 0.9% of apartments are affordable for single parents. In second place is Munich (district) at 1.0 %. According to Empirica, the analyses show that housing affordability has also become a significant problem for the 90% of the population that do not receive state benefits.

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