Essen: AWO rents 2,500 sqm in Cranachhöfen


The German worker’s welfare association Arbeiterwohlfahrt, (AWO) will be relocating its Essen office to the Allbau project “Cranachhöfe” located on Holsterhauser Straße on October. The association is renting 2,500 sqm of office space there, making it the largest tenant. An AWO-operated day care center is scheduled to open there in August. About 100 employees will move their offices onto two and a half floors situated above an Edeka supermarket, which opened last March. Allbau is creating a residential/commercial complex – with 3,000 sqm of retail space, 2,800 sqm of office space, 2,800 sqm of residential space and 4,300 sqm for assisted living – on the site of a former vocational institute for €40mn.

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