Essen: Hochtief relocating to 30,300 sqm in Bredeney district


Hochtief is temporarily relocating its central administrative offices and 1,100 employees to the Bredeney district during construction of its new corporate headquarters at Opernplatz. The construction company has signed a four-year lease with Immobilien-AG Alstria for an office building at Alfredstraße 236, where a number of Hochtief offices are already located. The move will take place over the course of this year. The parties have agreed on a rent of €11.41/sqm for the 30,300 sqm building. Hochtief has stated that it will be the sole tenant for this time period. Hochtief intends to start construction of its new headquarters in Essen next year. The company bought back the property on Opernplatz, also from Alstria, for around €40mn at the beginning of the year.

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