Essen: PwC signs 15 year lease for Huyssen Quarter property


The auditing and consulting firm PwC has leased a planned 4,200-sqm office building in the “Huyssen Quartier Essen” (HQE). The lease runs for 15 years. Apart from the office building, a 19-story tower featuring 64 rental apartments and condominiums (7,145 sqm), 44 subsidized apartments, a building with 2,050 sqm of commercial space and a three-level underground parking garage vehicles will be built on the 3,800-sqm site at Huyssenallee 58. The new construction is scheduled for completion in 2022. Demolition work has recently begun on the existing building, which had been sold by DIC in 2017 to Essen entrepreneur Peter Jänsch and a partner in Cologne. Brockhoff brokered this transaction as well as the current lease with PwC. Immostore Immobilien has been commissioned with marketing the apartments.

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