Fakt AG buys 26,300 sqm office space in Essen and Datteln


Fakt AG has acquired more than 34,000 sqm office and commercial space in Essen and Datteln. The seller is TÜV-Nord. The three assets are the 8,797 sqm office complex Steuben-/Manteufel-/ Kurfürstenstraße in the center of Essen, the 14,500 sqm office building on Langemarckstraße 20 in Essen, and the former TÜV-Nord education center in Datteln. The first building is leased to the city of Essen, among other tenants; the one on Langemarckstraße is currently leased to TÜV-Nord until the organization moves to a new building in 2021. The former education center in Datteln with currently 3,000 sqm office and 8,000 sqm workshop and hall space on a 4.8 ha lot is to be redeveloped over the coming years. Initial concepts suggest utilization as a conference center with hotel and restaurant use, Fakt executive Hubert Schulte-Kemper told TD.

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