Foreign investors like Frankfurt and Munich


Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin were among the ten real estate markets worldwide that attracted the most foreign capital last year. In Frankfurt, cross-border transactions increased by 77 % to $4.46bn, according to figures by JLL, which puts the city in 5th place. Munich tripled its figures to 3bn and landed in 8th place. It was followed by Berlin, where foreign buyers invested just under $3bn, although that was significantly less than in 2017 (about $5bn). Leading the top 10 list is London with more than $23bn, ahead of Paris and New York. The most notable national trend, JLL reports, was a decline in capital from China by 84 % to $4.6bn, caused by more stringent government controls. In Germany, Asian buyers invested $3.6bn last year, which was 47 % less than in 2017.

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