Goldbeck converts Bielefeld’s highest building into an office tower


Goldbeck intends to refurbish the Telekom high rise on Kesselbrink and turn it into the “Goldbeck-Tower”. Residential or hotel use, as envisioned by the previous owners, the Schapira brothers, are no longer part of the plan, Goldbeck states. The local media are speculating that the Bielefeld police department may be a possible sole tenant, stating that altogether the building will provide capacities for roughly 500 employees and more than 400 vehicles. The police department itself told TD upon inquiry that the lease has to be handled in an orderly award process, which has not yet been conducted. Goldbeck says that they are “in negotiations with commercial as well as public service tenants”. The building from 1974 has 15,000 sqm floor space and measures 95.5 m from top to bottom. Refurbishing work on the 18-story structure, which is to start in the coming weeks, includes renewal of the façade, renovation of the office space, and a complete fire-safety makeover. Goldbeck had acquired the building in the fall of 2018. It has been vacant since 2017.

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