Habona fund buys four supermarkets and boosts equity volume


Habona has acquired four more supermarkets for the current retail fund “Einzelhandelsfonds 06”. The added properties are a commercial property in Templin with Edeka and Aldi as tenants (Vietmannsdorfer Straße 3, 3,085 sqm lettable space) and three newly constructed Netto grocery markets in Moringen (Nordheimer Straße, 1,565 sqm), Stolberg (Gressenicher Straße 200, 1,210 sqm), and Mistelbach (Johann-Feiler-Straße 10, 1,535 sqm). The four assets were purchased from different sellers for about €15mn. The fund’s investment volume is now around €50mn and should increase to €125mn by the end of the year. During the first half-year, Habona had raised around €37mn in equity for this fund. The original placement target of €50mn was now increased to €100mn.

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