Halle: Goodman builds 35,000 sqm Zalando distribution center


Logistics specialist Goodman is building a 35,000 sqm distribution center for online retailer Zalando in the “Starpark” in Halle by late 2019. Service provider Kühne + Nagel will operate and lease the property, Max Bögl has been hired as general contractor. Zalando has stated that it will distribute goods to its logistics locations from the new center. This will reduce the need for deliveries between the individual locations. Up to 350 employees will work in the building. In recent years, Goodman already developed logistics properties in the “Starpark” for eBay (about 28,000 sqm) and Hellmann; this year the firm has also been building a 65,000 sqm logistics center for home 24. Goodman had locked in the expansion space for the Zalando property at the beginning of the year. According to a release, Goodman owns another 70,000 sqm lot at the same location, which would be ideally suited for logistics and e-commerce enterprises.

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