Hamburg: DC builds 400 apartments above Hafencity shopping hotspot


DC Developments has acquired a development for 400 apartments in the Hafencity’s southern Überseequartier in Hamburg from Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield. DC intends to build 306 upscale units with 20,100 sqm on construction site A on San-Francisco-Straße according to plans by the architect Carsten Roth, and 96 flexible-layout luxury condominiums with 7,500 sqm (KBNK Architekten) on the neighboring site E3 after Unibail has finished constructing retail space on the ground and lower levels (on the 2nd floor  as well for E3). E3 may contain a department store with up to 15,000 sqm. DC estimates its project costs to be €220mn. Completion for this project as well as for the entire quarter is planned for autumn 2022. Its 200 shops, restaurants, entertainment attractions and three hotels are intended to form a commercial focal point in Hafencity. The 30 m high Building A will have ten floors with stair-like gradations facing south, giving the upper floors roof terraces with river views. The building at E3 will be 60 m high.

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