Hamburg: Gator set to go on Burstah ensemble


The Burstah ensemble near Hamburg’s Rathausplatz is making progress again after a year’s hiatus. The sale of the project with 44,000 sqm above-ground GFA by Commerz Real to Gator was finalized on 30 May, after Commerz Real obtained the outstanding building permits. Meanwhile, Gator has developed a new excavation concept that does not include any costly ballasting of the existing pit, and has contracted the excavation work to Züblin and Wilko Wagner. For the construction portion “we have a very firm exclusivity agreement with Hochtief and are striving to finalize the general contractor agreement shortly,” Adam Filipiak, Head of Development at Gator told TD. Züblin and Wilko Wagner started their excavation work in June and plan to finish in Q2 of 2020. Construction should be completed by late 2022. Marketing of the office and retail space and the landmarked “Globushof” is to start late this year.

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