Hamburg: Procom starts architecture competition for Nikolai-Insel


Procom has agreed with the city of Hamburg on its quarter development “Nikolai-Insel” at the former Commerzbank location in the city center. According to the agreement, 30 % of the planned space will be used to build 150 apartments, one third each being condominiums, privately financed, and subsidized. The remaining floor space will be used for offices (more than 20.000 sqm) and restaurants, services and retail on the ground floor. The total amount of floor space has not yet been decided. The architecture competition has now been kicked off, with 15 firms taking part, among them gmp Architekten, André Poitiers and Andreas Heller of Hamburg. The architectural solution could be an entirely new structure or a symbiosis of old and new. In place of the newer Commerzbank building, for instance, a twelve-story structure could be developed. The site of the 1874 building could be used for new construction of about the same volume. The outdoor areas owned by the city are also to be redesigned, perhaps for outdoor restaurant use. The jury will decide in September. Construction is anticipated to start in 2020. Procom quotes a planned investment volume of €250mn.

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