Hefty rent increases for logistics – particularly in existing properties


Top rents for existing logistics properties in and around Munich, Berlin, and Stuttgart have increased by up to 10 %. According to Realogis, the highest prices are being asked in Munich (€6.50/sqm), Cologne and Düsseldorf are at the lower end of the spectrum with €4.60 and €4.70/sqm. Significant price increases for new structures were recorded in Berlin and in northern and eastern regions like Hannover, Bremen, and Halle. While available spaces are becoming increasingly scarce in the north, the comparatively lower-priced logistics hubs in the east are feeling the increasing competition among developers. In Nuremberg as well, rents increased by nearly 20 % to €5.95/sqm. In addition to the 29 German logistics regions already examined in 2018, this analysis also included the markets Mainz/Wiesbaden and Heilbronn.

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