Helaba wants to maintain business volume – large deals in Berlin


After an increase of its mid and long-term new business to €9.8bn last year, Helaba intends to maintain the same level in 2019. In a talk with the press, Board Member for Real Estate Christian Schmid emphasized the challenge of maintaining a stable balance sheet total (€35.3bn internationally, €15.2bn of that in Germany) in light of the accelerated turnover in the real estate markets and associated loan repayments. Net margin levels in 2018 were “higher than planned”; in Germany the bank achieved well over 1 %, abroad about 25 basis points more. Among the largest financing deals Helaba did in Germany in 2018 were a €120mn loan to Art-Invest and Accumulata in Munich (for project “Die Macherei” as TD learned), a share of a €320mn loan to Signa’s Upper West in Berlin, and the arrangement of €278mn in financing to Blackstone, also in Berlin and apparently for the Axel-Springer-Passage.

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