KanAm Süddeutschland fund buys two assets in Munich


The portfolio of the Fokus Süddeutschland fund by KanAm Grund Group, which addresses institutional investors, is growing by two more properties in Munich. As KanAm reports, they have acquired a wholesale warehouse with office section in the commercial park Am Moosfeld on Valentin-Linhof-Straße, as well as an office building with apartments on Haidelweg in Pasing-Obermenzing. The seller of the property on Moosfeld is Aurelis, the facility is leased to Raab Karcher Baustoffhandel, a sales brand of Saint-Gobain Building Distribution Deutschland GmbH. The mixed-use structure on Haidelweg was built in 2001 and modernized this year. The seller is a subsidiary of Munich Residential GmbH, which in turn is a joint venture of Krulich Immobilien Group and Opfergeld Group. This latter sale was brokered by Colliers International.

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