Karstadt Kaufhof closes warehouses in Frechen and Erfurt


The merged department store company Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof is closing logistics centers at six locations. These are the former Kaufhof warehouses in Frechen (Bonnstraße) and Nesse-Apfelstädt near Erfurt, as well as four smaller regional distribution warehouses in Stuttgart, Würzburg, Hannover and Berlin. The company intends to manage its logistics via the existing Karstadt warehouses in Unna and Vogelheim, and the Kaufhof logistics center in Cologne’s Porz district, which will undergo expansion. The  Dietzenbach and Neuss locations and the regional distribution warehouse in Munich will be adapted to new requirements. Karstadt Kaufhof says the action is due to the excess number of logistics locations after the merger and the planned realignment of its own logistics to win third-party customers, for which Karstadt established a joint venture with Fiege last year.

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