Lindau makes room for 600 new apartments


The old core of the island of Lindau in Lake Constance will free up about 5 ha for construction of new apartments in the coming years. Most of the space is currently owned by the city and used as a parking lot, a small portion is rail bed belonging to Deutsche Bahn that will no longer be needed. According to a spokesperson for the city of Lindau, both lots will first be used for the 2021 State Garden Expo. After that, up to 600 apartments could be developed on the land. Regarding its own development space, the city wants to exclude the speculative development of vacation and second-residence apartments. “We are therefore checking several options, starting with giving the space to building coops or the municipal housing construction company, all the way to leasehold models,” the spokesperson states. A rough plan is to be generated by the end of the year. The rail bed will become available because Deutsche Bahn is expanding the Reutin station on the mainland for long distance and transit rail traffic, which will make the current island station less important.

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