Logistics: 22% more take-up in North-Rhine Westphalia


The logistics market in North Rhine-Westphalia exceeded the previous year’s figure by 22% in the first half of the year with 517,000 sqm of take-up, according to Realogis. The Ruhr area accounted for 88%. The largest users include Amazon (30,000 sqm in Essen), a manufacturer (22,000 sqm in Bochum) and a beverage logistics company (22,000 sqm in Hünxe). Prime rent (€5/sqm) and average rent (€3.95/sqm) remained stable. The Düsseldorf Metropolitan Area contributed 18% to the result (-9%). One of the biggest deals was the Amazon lease in Kempen (22,370 sqm). Take-up in the Cologne Metropolitan Area fell by 43%, amounting to 15% of the total figure. The main lettings there were to Ulmen-based Kurt Rothschild GmbH in Bedburg (18,100 sqm) and to a logistics service provider in Kerpen (17,500 sqm).

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