Logistics: Land prices in top 7 up by double digits


Prices for commercial construction land at the top 7 locations rose last year, some of them by rates well into the double digits. As German Property Partners writes in a market report for 2018, the largest increase of 35 % to about €250/sqm was recorded in Cologne. Prices in Hamburg rose by 25 % to up to €300/sqm, and Berlin logged an increase of 12 % to up to €200/sqm. The lower limits of the usual price ranges increased most significantly in the region around Stuttgart and the greater Stuttgart area (+20 % and +100 %), and in Düsseldorf  (+10 % and +22 %). In the city of Munich, land prices of up to €720/sqm are now being recorded. GPP reports that while there is no more development land available at all within the city of Stuttgart, the surrounding region is seeing prices of up to €300, land in the greater Stuttgart area is going for up to €170/sqm.

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