Logistics take-up in Rhein-Main drops by 17 %


Take-up of logistics space in the Rhein-Main area dropped by 17.4% to 138,000 sqm during Q1, as reported by NAI apollo. Take-up increased only in the segment of properties up to 1,500 sqm (+77 % to 29,000 sqm). The largest deal of the quarter was signed by Amazon (20,000 sqm in Gernsheim), followed by the owner-occupant construction by Hegro Eichler, who is moving to Dietzenbach, and the 14,000 sqm lease of SLL System Lager Logistik in the Segro logistics park in Bischofsheim. Contracts for space in new construction projects and owner-occupant projects comprise 58.7 % of total take-up. NAI apollo still expects annual take-up around the ten-year average of 586,000 sqm. On the supply side, a number of construction projects should ease the situation: If all currently known plans are implemented, 300,000 sqm available logistics space will appear on the market in the next 18 months, the brokerage firm states.

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