Lonely at the top: Berlin leads in European residential investments


Around €3.11bn was invested in Berlin residential real estate in 2018, outperforming all other European cities. Copenhagen came in second place with €2.43bn, followed by Paris (€2.24bn), London (€2.03bn) and Frankfurt (€1.27bn), according to an analysis by JLL. Institutional investments in the European residential investment market came to €56bn overall, a 40% increase from 2018 and surpassing all expectations. According to JLL, this was due to increased mergers and acquisitions as well as higher international investments. Europe’s 20 largest cities accounted for more than one third (35%) of sales. Hamburg (€960mn), Düsseldorf (€710mn) and Munich (€590mn) are also in the top 20 along with Berlin and Frankfurt. JLL’s analysis includes deals and takeovers amounting to €5mn or more.

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