Munich: new quarter with high-rises in Obersendling


Plans are being made for a new city quarter to be built on the site of the old Siemens property and a cement factory in Munich’s Obersendling district, with up to 150,000 sqm of GFA. The quarter is being developed by Horus Sentilo Projektentwicklungs GmbH, a joint venture of Salvis Consulting and Athos, a company founded by Hexal founders Andreas and Thomas Strüngmann. The 5 hectare site is bordered by Boschetsrieder Straße, Helfenriederstraße, Machtlfinger Straße and Geisenhausenerstraße. It will have 200 apartments (10% share), offices (60%), retail (10%) and hotel business (10%). A workshop procedure is currently underway for the project, now down to just two firms. Their designs include the construction of skyscrapers with a maximum height of 99 meters. Construction is to begin on the first buildings in 2021, after an urban development workshop, scheduled to begin in late July, results in a development plan. The new quarter should be completed by 2025/26.

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