National average apartment rents and new construction purchase prices stagnating


The national average of quoted rents for existing apartments in Germany is stagnating. In November 2018, they even declined for the first time since April 2007. After a slight plus in December, they dipped again in January and have remained at the same level since. These are the results of the IMX index compiled by Immobilienscout24. Prices for newly constructed condominiums have fluctuated recently: In December, they declined for the first time in the national average, and again in January and February, to increase again slightly in March. “We could be seeing the first indications of the end of the 12-year property boom,” Immobilienscout summarizes. However: Rents and purchase prices continued to rise in the metropolitan cities. And unlike in the new construction segment, purchase prices for existing apartments have increased consistently over the last six months, by an average of 4 %.

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