Number of housing construction permits rising somewhat faster


In the first three quarters, 262,800 housing units were approved in new and existing structures in Germany, as the Federal Statistics Office (Destatis) reports. That figure is 2.3 % higher than during the same period of last year. During the periods from January to August and January to July, the increase had been at 1.9 %. In housing construction, permits increased by 3.2 % to 233,100 by September. As in August and July, the plus was due entirely to apartments in multi-family structures (+8.3 %), while permits for single family homes and duplexes dropped by 0.9 and 4.4 %. Despite this increase, the BFW does not consider this a trend reversal but fears that the upswing could be short-lived. Association President Andreas Ibel states that during the current climate survey, nearly 60 % of BFW members still reported continuing adverse conditions for new construction.

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