Osmab buys 34 ha for Alcaro logistics park in Frankfurt (Oder)


Alcaro Invest is planning an industry and logistics park in Frankfurt (Oder). Osmab Holding, which includes Alcaro, has acquired about 34.5 ha land in the cargo handling center GVZ-Süd for the purpose, the city states. The location for the “LogPlaza FFO” allows for the development of one or more big box structures of up to 170,000 sqm, according to a release. As a next step, the concept for the site is to be worked out in more detail and readied for the building permit application in coordination with the authorities, the release further states. Osmab/Alcaro decided on Frankfurt because of the “consistent need for new, easily accessible logistics properties in the capital region around Berlin.” Since 2010, the group has developed over 200.000 floor space in Großbeeren near Berlin alone.

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