Over €1bn in financing for “Four Frankfurt” high-rises


The last contracts were recently signed for more than €1bn in financing for the “Four Frankfurt” high-rise quarter, currently under construction. The four towers, including their corresponding parts of the shared base, will each be financed separately. Capital is being provided in various structures by the more than 20 financing partners of the client, Groß & Partner. Helaba is the lead bank for the 228 m high office tower T1, with a DWS-managed fund providing a sum in the three-digit millions as mezzanine capital. Deutsche Hypothekenbank is the lead bank for the residential tower T2, with mezzanine capital coming from international investors via Flins Capital Partners. pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank is the lead bank for the hotel and residential tower T3, with mezzanine capital provided by a German pension fund via Collineo Asset Management. Financing for the 100 m high office tower T4 on Junghofstraße had already been established with the sale of the property to a fund of Union Investment in July 2018.

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