Pamera to focus on residential real estate – acquisitions in Potsdam and Düsseldorf


Pamera Real Estate Partners’ real estate assets fell only slightly to around €500mn despite several sales in the first half of 2018. The multi-family office acquired a residential complex in Potsdam’s northern city center and a commercial property in Düsseldorf’s Golzheim district for a total of €28mn at the end of the year. The Potsdam property consists of 70 apartments with 7,000 sqm of lettable space and a smaller proportion of office space. It was bought from another family office, with Angermann acting as broker. The 2,300 sqm property in Düsseldorf was purchased in a joint venture with E.T. Myer Immobilien, with medium-term plans for refurbishment and expansion. In 2019, Pamera intends to focus on residential real estate and participation in project development in the mezzanine and equity segments. The company has just completed a hotel, to be operated by brand owner Centro under its NinetyNine brand, in Heidelberg’s Bergheim district.

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