Pantera plans Frankfurt area quarter for over €85mn


Pantera intends to develop a quarter with 23,000 sqm GFA in Langen, Hesse. Plans are for a 220-room hotel, 180 serviced apartments, and offices. According to Pantera, the project volume for “Main Base Langen” will be significantly over €85mn and is the company’s largest investment to date. The hotel and apartments, with up to 15,000 sqm GFA, are being developed in the already-existing residential and commercial building at Pittlerstraße 48-50. The eight-story existing solid construction, originally built in 1996, will be gutted and renovated for this purpose, and a new office building with up to 8,000 sqm GFA will be added to the site. The project is to be offered to potential end investors even during the development phase. Expected yields are for 4 to 5%, according to Pantera.

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