Preos: Thomas Olek creates new listed company


Publity executive Thomas Olek is taking another real estate company to the exchange. Preos Real Estate owns ten commercial properties (mostly office) valued at €93.6mn. The firm’s base capital comes to €22mn, the shares will be offered for purchase on 20 December in the open market segment at the Munich exchange. Olek currently holds 75 %. The buildings are located in Ratingen (three structures Oberhausener Straße 33), Cologne (Bergisch Gladbacher Straße 3), Krefeld (Fütingsweg 34-36), Nieder-Olm (Am Hahnenbusch 4), Grafing (Am Feld 32), Waltrop (Im Wirrigen 25), Sindelfingen (Böblinger Straße 130), and Roßdorf (Arheilger Weg 17). Most were acquired by Publity over the course of the year for €68mn. Going forward, Preos intends to add commercial properties in metropolitan regions between €10mn and €25mn to its portfolio.

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