Project Investment buys project sites with a volume of €60mn


Project Investment has acquired three building plots in and around Berlin and in Düsseldorf. One of the sites is located at Am Hochschulring 25 in Wildau near Berlin and involves 6,600 sqm of office space on a 4.600 sqm plot. Furthermore 3,400 sqm of office space is planned on a 3,091 sqm property at Berliner Straße 70a in Berlin-Tegel. The two projects have a combined sales volume of around €47.5mn. Project Investment additionally intends to generate €12mn through the construction of apartments on a 2,271 sqm property at Ludwigshafener Straße 14-16 in Düsseldorf’s Eller district. The mutual funds Project Metropolen 17 and 18 are investing in the properties.

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