Ratisbona: Sebastian Schels makes way for new management triumvirate


Ratisbona Handelsimmobilien has announced that its long-standing managing partner Sebastian Schels is stepping down from the company management. The project developer and investor intends to devote more energy to the expansion of Ratisbona Asset Management, which he founded with Gregor Volk in 2017. Schels has therefore appointed Stephanie Graf and Tobias Drasch to the management board. Graf is Head of the Legal Department and oversees acquisition audits; Drasch is Deputy Managing Director, responsible for the expansion of project development. Company founder and Managing Partner Rudolf Schels, who now heads Ratisbona together with Graf and Drasch, says “I am very pleased that we are able to fill the management with employees from our own ranks.” Marcel Steidl, Head of Corporate Development, was also appointed as the Group’s officer and commercial manager.

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