Mortgage banks experience slight bump in new business


The leading real estate financiers increased their new business in Germany by 1.1% to €43.9bn in 2018, as was determined in JLL’s analysis of twelve banks. In 2017, balance sheets showed a 5% decline. DZ Hyp, the product of the DG Hyp-WL Bank merger, recorded the highest volume (+7 % to €8.7bn), followed by LBBW (+67 % to €6.0bn), Helaba (+7 % to € 4.9bn) and BayernLB (+7 % to €4.7bn). Deka Bank experienced the strongest growth percentage-wise (108%), albeit with a low figure (€0.5bn). Most of the banks surveyed expect new business to remain the same this year. Only two institutions, Berliner Sparkasse and Deutsche Hypo, predict higher rates. All twelve banks saw rises in domestic and foreign loan portfolios, with an average increase of 8%. Helaba still has the largest loan book (€35bn).

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