Residential investments see double-digit growth


The investment market for German residential real estate achieved its second-best result of all time last year. According to BNP Paribas Real Estate (BNPPRE), transaction volume increased 16% to €16.3bn. CBRE and JLL recorded comparable growth (+10% to €17.2bn and +19% to €18.7bn, respectively). The market is firmly in German hands: according to BNPPRE, German buyers account for more than three quarters (77.4%) of the purchase price. The brokerage firm’s calculation of €3.7bn for foreign buyers is nevertheless the highest absolute volume to date. Of this, €2.45bn is accounted for by the European region – also a peak value. Compared to the previous year, overall residential investment experienced growth, especially outside large cities: while portfolio purchases increased by 4% in Germany’s seven largest cities, the rest of Germany experienced increases amounting to 27%.

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