Rhine-Neckar Region transaction volume at ten-year high


JLL reports that €648mn was invested in commercial real estate, apartment buildings, and residential portfolios of ten units or more in the Rhine-Neckar region in H1. This is the best 1st half-year period in ten years, exceeding even 2018’s record of €574. Office rentals totaled around 65,000 sqm, 18% higher than the five-year average. JLL expects more than 130,000 sqm by the end of the year if a number of searches for large space are fulfilled. Heidelberg stands out in particular with two major deals: the Stadtwerke with an owner-occupier deal of just under 20,000 sqm, and Verivox with around 6,800 sqm in the “Skyangle” located in the city’s Bahnstadt development. This means that 31,000 sqm have already been reached – in 2018 the total was 35,000 sqm. Tenancies in Mannheim fell by a quarter to around 31,000 sqm, with Ludwigshafen contributing just over 2,000 sqm (-73 %).

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