Southern Germany: Apartment prices rising most outside of big cities


Housing prices have increased more substantially in many smaller southern German cities than they did in Munich and Stuttgart, an analysis by Wüest Partner Deutschland has found. Half of the 20 cities examined showed higher rates of rent increases in the past five years than the two state capitals. Rents in Augsburg and Aalen rose by about 29 %, in Ludwigsburg, Neu-Ulm, Schweinfurt, Sindelfingen, and Villingen-Schwenningen by nearly a fourth. Wüest Partner also found a very low completion rate in many of these cities. Purchase prices increased in Augsburg, Reutlingen, and Villingen-Schwenningen by more than 50 %, in Munich by only 33 % and Stuttgart by just under 45 %. In Schweinfurt, apartment prices even shot up by 76 %.

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