Substantial take up increase in Berlin logistics


Logistics take up in the Berlin market increased significantly in H1, compared with first half of 2018. Realogis reported an increase of 46% to around 267,000 sqm, while Engel & Völkers Commercial calculated an increase of almost 64% to around 262,000 sqm. As the largest contracts, Realogis cited Amazon in Schönefeld (31,040 sqm), Kühne + Nagel in Oberkrämer (15,500 sqm), Bosch in Kremmen (12,951 sqm) and KW Fulfillment in Großbeeren (12,098 sqm). The majority of these were concluded for existing properties, with an increase of 89%, in contrast to the office segment. Project development leases also increased, however, by 17%. Both brokerage firms expect take up of at least 400,000 sqm for the year as a whole, but Realogis is now also considering the possibility of 450,000 sqm.

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