Swiss investor takes over Kapfererhaus on Freiburg’s shopping mile


ProCon Real Estate, a family office of Swiss real estate investor Werner Klein, has acquired the Kapferer retail building in Freiburg. Seller of the property on Bertoldsbrunnen in prime shopping location (Kaiser-Joseph-Straße 203/Salzstraße) are the Kapferer joint heirs; the transaction was brokered by Comfort München. The long-established property has been leased for many years to fashion retailer Fabel. The lease with Fabel for about 1,000 sqm retail space on five floors runs out in late 2020, at which point the retailer will close its doors. Fabel’s management cites the high rents in Freiburg as one of the reasons for the decision. The new owner intends to work with Swiss firm ProCon Invest and architect Johann Böhm to reposition the asset in close cooperation with the city of Freiburg. The Kapfererhaus was built during the 19th century, and Fabel has been operating its fashion store there for five generations.

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