Swiss Life bundles German business in new holding company


Following the acquisitions of Corpus Sireo and Beos, Swiss Life Asset Managers intends to drive growth in Germany by bundling its local real estate and securities business in a new holding company. This will be based in Frankfurt and headed by Germany CEO Tina Störmer. Management will consist almost exclusively of managers from the German Swiss-Life subsidiaries. Anett Barsch, Managing Director and Head of Real Estate Development at Corpus Sireo, will oversee development business in Germany as Head Real Estate Project Development. Christine Bernhofer, Managing Director of Swiss Life KVG, will oversee fund business as COO. Michael Essl will be responsible for insurance investments, totaling around €19bn, as Head of Proprietary Insurance Asset Management (PAM). Michael Hennig (Head of Sales), Christian Schmid (from Munich Re, as CFO) and Beos Management Board member Hendrik Staiger (Head of Real Estate Asset Management) are also on board. Corpus Sireo’s operative management will now be run by Barsch and Martin Eberhardt. Ralph Günter, who had returned on an interim basis, is giving up his management position as planned.

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