TLG: Dayan prepares to take over supervisory board


Amir Dayan’s Ouram Holding is pushing to replace most of the members on the supervisory board of TLG Immobilien. The holding has requested that chairman Michael Zahn, deputy chairman Michael Bütter, and Helmut Ullrich be dismissed at an extraordinary general meeting. Members Sascha Hettrich and Stefan E. Kowsk, who were appointed to the board after Ouram became a major shareholder of TLG, are to stay. Ouram wants to have Beatrice Ruskol, Amir Ramot, Klaus Krägel, and Jon Lurie newly elected to the board. Ruskol worked for PBM Construction Germany, which is part of Dayan’s Intown Group; Ramot worked for the Israeli Aurec Real Estate. The TLG executive board considers the situation to be sufficient reason for an extraordinary general meeting and anticipates the meeting to take place in March. Ouram had increased its share of TLG to over 23 % last year. Recently, it was reported that the company will buy further shares from DIC, bringing it to just under 30 %. In July, a surprise announcement was made about replacing the TLG executive board.

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