TLG: Zahn and Dayan come to an agreement


Ouram Holding is withdrawing its request for the convocation of an extraordinary general meeting at TLG to elect a new Supervisory Board. Supervisory Board Chairman Michael Zahn had previously warned the other shareholders that Ouram could control the company without regard to their interests. Ouram shareholder Amir Dayan and Zahn have now agreed to wait until the regular general meeting on May 21 to elect Supervisory Board members “on the basis of an orderly and careful selection process, in which all parties involved submit their proposals in the overall interest of the company”. This will also include picking a successor for Zahn, who will not be seeking another mandate. Only one Ouram representative is to move into the committee now: Jonathan Lurie will fill the vacancy left by Claus Nolting when he resigned at the end of 2018. This bring’s Ouram’s representation on the Supervisory Board to two (out of six), instead of five (out of six) as proposed before.

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