Unterschleißheim: 6,600 sqm in “Edison Park” have been let


Alps Electric Europe and Alpine Electronics have signed leases for 6,600 sqm GFA in Edison Park in Unterschleißheim near Munich. The ten-year contracts started in December.  The lessor is Edison-Park Immobilien. Parent company Alps has already been present at Edison Park for a period, and recently expanded the existing lease by about 1,000 sqm to over 2,600 sqm GFA, extending it long-term at the same time. Alpine is leasing about 4,000 sqm new office space. The company was previously located at Parkstadt Schwabing. The office space has been renovated and modernized as part of the conversion. The law firm of Wagensonner legally advised the lessor, the project management is handled in-house. The commercial park now has another 7,000 sqm GFA available for potential tenants.

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