VGP builds Berlin area logistics center for Decathlon


Decathlon will open its third German logistics center in the Brandenburg Park industrial park in Ludwigsfelde (Parkallee) in Brandenburg. According to the developer VGP, the 45,000 sqm warehouse is already under construction. Starting in the spring of 2020, the sporting goods manufacturer will control the distribution of its goods for northeastern Germany from here. The warehouse will become part of the 34-hectare speculative development “VGP Park Berlin”, which should one day have 160,000 sqm of logistics space. More than 100,000 sqm have been completed so far. Since July, the online retailer Defshop has been using approx. 20,000 sqm of warehouse space and 700 sqm of office space. The baby care specialist retailer Lillydoo moved into a 6,000 sqm warehouse in late June. VGP has also announced that it is erecting a 6,650 sqm building for the advertising sales company Bettmer in Bischofsheim in South Hesse. The company intends to take occupancy in May 2019.

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