VIB Vermögen: Plump pipeline and funds for acquisitions


Thanks to several new constructions and infill projects, VIB increased the value of its property portfolio during the last business year by 7.8 % to now just under €1.2bn. The firm from Upper Bavaria now holds 108 assets with more than 1.1 million sqm lettable space. By 2020, it intends to finish its logistics park Interpark Kösching near Ingolstadt with 87,000 sqm lettable space as well as an infill project in Regensburg with 3,500 sqm. The pipeline with other developments contains 115,000 sqm lettable space, with the lion’s share of about 80,000 sqm being planned in the greater Munich area. In the financial statement, the executive board confirms preliminary figures for 2018 with an 11% increase in earnings and a 10 % plus in FFO. In 2019, EBT without valuation and special effects is expected to reach up to €54.5mn, FFO up to €48mn. VIB states it also has funds for acquisitions available.

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