Wertgrund takes over four housing projects for €95mn


Wertgrund Immobilien has acquired four housing projects with a total of 349 apartments for €95mn. Two of them are located in Hamburg: The “Luruper Höfe” on Luruper Hauptstraße 77-83 with 8,511 sqm divided into 97 apartments and a retail space already leased to Aldi, and the “Glasbläser Höfe” with more than 81 residential units and 5,816 sqm living space. An already finished new building with 85 units and 7,357 sqm is located on Detmolder Straße 141-149 in Bielefeld. Wertgrund further took over the project on Robert-Koch-Straße 1-3 in the Lämmerspiel district of Mühlheim am Main with 85 apartments and 86 underground parking spaces on 5,791 sqm total floor space. The three projects were acquired in a forward deal from Bonava Deutschland, Wohnkompanie Nord (Hamburg), and construction company Kleespies (Mühlheim), respectively. The seller in Bielefeld was a local developer.

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