Wiesbaden: FBW buys residential buildings at “Kureck”


The FBW Group (Dreieich) has acquired a majority stake in the residential area of the “Kureck” project in Wiesbaden. A residential tower with 85 units and nine buildings with 70 units are to be built at the downtown location. The seller is Heidelberger IFM Immobilien, which is carrying out the residential project in a joint venture with the FBW Group. Paul & Partner Real Estate advised the buyer; the seller was advised by Norsk Deutschland, which has taken over project management for IFM. BF.direkt advised on selecting the financing bank: Oldenburgische Landesbank is providing financing for development of the entire project. A building permit has already been granted for the tower. A new office building let to the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration and the office and commercial property “Wiesbadener Palais” were both recently-completed additions to the quarter. Work has also recently begun on the Hotel Adina Kureck.

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